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Local News Headlines 

Wednesday, February 22, 2017


Pedestrian Struck by Train in Waverly 

The investigation continues into the incident Monday evening in Waverly during which a young man from neighboring Meeker County was struck by a freight train...more 

Dayton and GOP Leaders at Odds Over Automatic Increase in Cigarette Tax 

Governor Mark Dayton opposes House Republicans' plan to eliminate the automatic annual increase in Minnesota's cigarette tax, freezing it at $3.04 per pack...more 

Veterans Affairs and Suicide Prevention Presentation Tonight in Cokato 

Officials with Wright County Veterans Affairs will be in Cokato tonight to provide information on a number of topics, including suicide prevention...more 

Letter Sent to Sessions about Ag Mega-Mergers 

A letter sent to new Attorney General Jeff Sessions and members of Congress urges oversight as the U.S. Department of Justice looks at the proposed mega-mergers of giant chemical companies...more 

Spring Road Weight Limits Now in Effect on Wright County Highways  

Spring Road Weight Restrictions are now in effect on Wright County Highways. Those limits took effect today at 12:01 AM, and will remain in effect until further notice...more 

Franken Bill Aims at Cutting Medicare RX Costs 

U.S. Senator Al Franken has re-introduced legislation that he says would result in lower Medicare prescription drug costs by allowing the program to negotiate prices with manufacturers...more

MN Schools Among the Most Fire-Safe in U-S 

Minnesota schools are among the safest in the country when it comes to fires--that's according to a new report from the Department of Public Safety...more